The enchanting sounds of keyboard will relax and inspire you with the melodious tone and choir of majestic birds from Australia.

Boundless - Nikk Kourmouzis - 31:47 

From Nikk's Personal collection comes a previously unreleased version of "Boundless". This original full length version incorporates extracts of Duncan King-Smith's recording "Bird Songs & Night Calls" (recorded and arranged by Duncan King-Smith) © 1990. These sounds were recorded within the 
Nullumbik Shire, off Butterman's Track - Victoria, Australia, during 1988 - 1990.

The "Bird Songs & Night Calls" recording originally formed part of an Oral History/Soundscape project for the former Shire of Eltham's Community Arts Programme. Also recorded is a single bout of singing by a lyrebird, at first light on a still winter's morning in Jehosophat Gully, Kinglake, Australia.
At this time of year, when few other birds are calling, the lyrebird plays back his own memory of the sounds from the bush around him.

With kind permission to use the "Bird Songs & Night Calls" recording, Nikk composed a live improvised, unedited, continuous solo keyboard track which accompanies the majestic sounds of the natural environment. This recording was a personal project of Nikk's, recorded at La Trobe University's Music Department.

Special thanks to Duncan King-Smith for the use of his "Bird Songs & Night Calls" recording.

©1994 - 2020 Nikk Kourmouzis "Boundless"   ©1990 Duncan King-Smith "Bird Songs & Night Calls".

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting, leasing or copying of this music prohibited.

Music composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Nikk Kourmouzis.

Graphic design & artwork by Craig Richards - Ditto Design.

This CD is endorsed by E.S.T.T. Australian College of Natural Medicine.

Boundless - Nikk Kourmouzis - Relaxation CD

© 1994 - 2020 Nikk Kourmouzis - Boundless Music Productions - A division of Boundless Music Inc. 


                                            This recording of "Boundless" is a 3.57min preview of a full length 31.47min continuous recording

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