“Passionate” about music and the teaching of music is how I would describe Nikk. He is so enthusiastic in his approach to teaching and imparting knowledge that he inspires and motivates his students.

Nikk’s teaching skill is outstanding. He is well structured and organized, logical, focused and effective in his methodical approach.

His skill in more than one instrument enhances his ability to give a more rounded knowledge of music to help students understand difficult concepts and theory and relate them to all sorts of music.

Nikk has very high expectations of his students in technical precision and his insistence on ‘quality practice’ gives solid grounding for improvement and progression at a faster rate.

The integration of technology and its advances has allowed Nikk to broaden the way in which music can be taught and can offer variety and opportunity to enjoy the process of learning an instrument and appreciation of music as a way of enhancing life.

As a mature aged beginner I can fully appreciate Nikk’s expertise and knowledge and enjoy and look forward to each and every lesson. I cannot recommend “Boundless Music” highly enough. 

Helen Bellman



"When i came to Nikk about 4 years ago i had no knowledge of even the most basic theory concepts and had very little confidence in my musical ability. After months of working with Nikk i noticed a dramatic change in my understanding of music theory and could see a solid foundation being formed. 

Now in 2010 with Nikk's help throughout the entire journey i have finally completed my Bachelor of Music course and am able to apply both basic and advanced theoretical concepts to my playing and teaching. 

Nikk has always been extremely thorough, enthusiastic and passionate and always makes each lesson as productive and beneficial as possible. I would strongly recommend Nikk to individuals of all musical levels and abilities and if you are looking for a teacher that can dramatically strengthen, enrich, nurture and increase your skills and knowledge then Nikk is the teacher for you."

Cassie W

                                                                         TESTIMONIAL FOR NIKK KOURMOUZIS


Within the first two weeks of lessons with Nikk, I learnt more than I had learnt in 6 months with my previous teacher.

Not only was I playing with both hands but my musical understanding and appreciation for the piano had increased tenfold.

In two years I have covered all kinds of music, incorporating blues scales, contemporary and jazz chords including french minuets 

all at the tips of my fingers. As well as this, I have also managed to fit in 3 piano exams receiving honours for all exams.

With Nikk you don't just learn to play piano, but learn how to make music.

Gabby M

                                                                         TESTIMONIAL FOR NIKK KOURMOUZIS


I have been having lessons with Nikk at the Boundless School of Music for about 8 years. 

One of the most rewarding things about learning an instrument is learning your favourite songs.

Having lessons with Nikk is great because every lesson is different, sometimes we work on more technical things and other times we 

jam out songs. Nikk likes to throw his students in the deep ends which is always a good challenge. 

He also breaks things down so they are easy to understand and makes learning fun!

Bianca M


                                                                                     TESTIMONIAL FOR
                                               NIKK KOURMOUZIS of  BOUNDLESS SCHOOL OF MUSIC

Nikk has been providing singing and keyboard music tuition to my two children (now aged 7) from 2008-2010. Nikk is very passionate, enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable about his work, which makes him an ideal teacher for young pupils and those seeking these attributes.  His ability to keep them engaged and yet challenge them is impressive.  The lessons are structured and he expects his students will practice the techniques to constantly improve their ability. 

Nikk patiently listens to their stories and questions and refocuses their attention back to their lesson with ease.    When Enya and Aydin have mentioned specific music pieces or lyrics they like, he has eagerly fulfilled their requests.  Nikk provides feedback on their progress and always instills in them a sense of achievement and encouragement.                                

I am so pleased that we were fortunate enough to find his services and have been completely satisfied with the tuition he has provided them.  Nikk is also considering the possibility of providing lessons via Skype or DVD compilation, which would be ideal for our family as we are leaving to live abroad.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nikk’s service to anyone seeking a highly professional and dedicated teacher.  I have often spoken of his impressive abilities and enthusiasm to our family and friends.

We wish Nikk continued success and hope to be able to engage with him either via Skype or upon our return to Australia.


Kerrie A 

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