Professional composing and recording of original music for Film, TV, Internet, CD-ROM, DVD, Websites, Multimedia Presentations,

Documentaries, Theme Music, Advertising, Soundtracks, 

Commercials, Corporate ID and Sound Design.



                Nikk Kourmouzis is a professional multi-instrumentalist musician, music teacher, composer and producer who has a degree in music,                    specialising in composition and recording.

     He uses his many years of musical training and practical experience to teach, compose, arrange, produce and record music. 

Nikk is an accredited full writer member of APRA ( Australasian Performing Right Association ).

Nikk is a registered member of the A.M.E.B ( Australian Music Examinations Board ).

   Nikk has been awarded in the Top Six Teachers in Australia two years consecutively by the AMTR ( Australian Music Teachers Registry ).

         Nikk Kourmouzis has composed for and performed with a number of live bands as well as producing a diverse range of music for TV and radio                including corporate videos and multimedia presentations etc. He also records and produces for a great variety of singers, songwriters and musicians.     

                                                                      Some of the clients that Nikk has composed music for are : 

     City of Melbourne   -   The Army   -   Brambles   -   Elgas   -   M.I.A Films   -   Austswim   -   Sydney Expo   -   Zebra TV   -   The Rotary Foundation



"Boundless Music" prides itself in providing original music of the highest quality, customised to the clients needs. 

For original custom music and sound contact Nikk Kourmouzis


Ph: (03) 9844 4666

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