Enrich your life with music 

        Nikk is a qualified and registered music teacher/composer/musician and has been awarded in the Top Six Teachers in Australia two years consecutively by the Australian Music Teachers Registry.                



 Offering professional tuition in 

* Piano   * Keyboard   * Clavinova   * Acoustic Guitar   * Electric Guitar   * Bass Guitar 

* Voice   * Theory   * Harmony   * Counterpoint   * Aural Skills   * Analysis   * Musicianship   

* Composition   * Recording   * Listening Skills   * Music Appreciation

All styles are catered for and AMEB exams.

Qualified and registered Teacher

Nikk Kourmouzis   B.A (Music)  

Reg.   A.M.T.R.   V.M.T.A.   A.M.E.B.   A.P.R.A.



Highly professional, friendly, enjoyable, constructive, caring and rewarding service in a comfortable and productive environment.

                                                  Now offering online music lessons







                        Online lessons have proven to be highly engaging, effective, and a fantastic option for all students no matter age or level.                                      

Setup for online lessons is simple and easy, basically students need a device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) and their instrument. 

Online music lessons are an amazing alternative to in-person lessons during this time so that all students can continue to enrich their lives through music.




“Passionate” about music and the teaching of music is how I would describe Nikk. He is so enthusiastic in his approach to teaching and imparting knowledge that he inspires and motivates his students.

Nikk’s teaching skill is outstanding. He is well structured and organized, logical, focused and effective in his methodical approach.

His skill in more than one instrument enhances his ability to give a more rounded knowledge of music to help students understand difficult concepts and theory and relate them to all sorts of music.

Nikk has very high expectations of his students in technical precision and his insistence on ‘quality practice’ gives solid grounding for improvement and progression at a faster rate.

The integration of technology and its advances has allowed Nikk to broaden the way in which music can be taught and can offer variety and opportunity to enjoy the process of learning an instrument and appreciation of music as a way of enhancing life.

As a mature aged beginner I can fully appreciate Nikk’s expertise and knowledge and enjoy and look forward to each and every lesson. I cannot recommend “Boundless Music” highly enough. 

Helen Bellman





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